I’ve been so impressed with Danielle. She is extremely detail-oriented and a creative problem solver, she anticipates needs and stays a step ahead of everything, she manages communication between client and production seamlessly, and she understands the creative process and has meaningful creative contributions.

I look forward to working with her again!
— Adrian Elliot, Director (129 Films), April 2019
I recently had the pleasure of working with Danielle who subbed in as our interim multimedia producer for 6-months while our full-time producer was out on maternity leave. Indeed, it was an experience I’ll never forget.

Immediately, she made her presence—and more importantly, her value—felt with an unparalleled work ethic that allowed her to get up to speed on a wide array of multimedia projects. As a result, any kind of disruption for projects that were already in motion was completely eliminated.

Beyond her work ethic, her depth of knowledge, creativity, professionalism, focus on solutions, empathic nature, and the strong network of relationships she brought with her, were critical to our department’s success. In fact, the sheer volume of work she was able to create with our team was a key factor in why our department was able to exceed its budget goals this year. Without a doubt, she played a huge part in our success and we have a full year’s worth of wonderful work to show for it.

For anyone considering to hire Danielle, know that you’ll absolutely be getting more than your money’s worth!
— Eric Bass, Marketing Client Manager, USF, May 2018

Danielle has worked with Vibrant Films as a producer and assistant director for 3 years. In that time she has knocked it out of the park with every project she’s worked on including both commercial work and our web series, Don’t Call it Frisco. She has a rare work ethic and a drive that would be valuable to any team she works with!
— Matt Barkin, Co-Founder Vibrant Films, January 2018

Danielle exceeds expectation every time that I have had the privilege of working with her in pre-production, in the field or finalizing in post-production. She is professional and very attentive when it comes to details. Traveling with Danielle to the Indian Himalayas was a work adventure that was once in a lifetime, but thanks to Danielle’s creative eye, it was well captured in her beautifully shot photos. I was pleased, the client was pleased and she proved to be a true photojournalist. Any project benefits from Danielle’s careful oversight and organization.
— Jennifer Halse, Head of Production at Remake, February 2016

Danielle is one of the most passionate producers I’ve ever worked with on a project; she always thinks of everything way ahead of schedule and has a plan to deal with it. She is excellent at keeping everyone on task and creating a fun yet professional environment, and I look forward to working with her again. I highly recommend her.
— Cole Medeiros, Lead Game Designer, SGN, December 2015

Danielle interacts with clients and collaborators with ease. She is extremely communicative both internally and externally. She is friendly and always has a positive attitude. Her clients and team members are always informed. She will work tirelessly (sending out calendars, emails, examples, etc.) to make sure everyone is on the same page and feels good about the process. 

I am always at ease when I collaborate with Danielle, because I know that I will receive everything I need to make the project a success. For example, as an editor, I never know what I am about to walk into. By the time the footage gets ingested into my system, it has already been shot. I get what I get. And often, what I get is a bit confusing. But when I work with Danielle, I am always shocked to be handed a script that clearly matches all of the footage that I’ve received. I am given notes that tell me which are the best takes and why. And I am given all of the little extras that I need to make my job easier. And if she knows that I am going to be the editor, I am brought into the conversation early. I am in awe of Danielle’s ability to think and plan for everything. 

Danielle’s amazing organization and positive attitude are what makes her stand out as a Producer.
— Jennifer Rubin, Lead Editor, Beyond Pix Studios, March 2015

Whether coordinating talent, scheduling resources and crew, find and securing locations, rallying the creative team, assistant directing commercial production or having a dialogue directly with client — Danielle thinks one step ahead and finds solutions for problems before they become a problem in the first place. She understands the complications of complex projects and truly excels at communicating with Senior staff to keep them aware of developments and potential pitfalls. When given the opportunity, she possesses the leadership skills to execute projects completely on her own, wherein she builds and leads a team to complete projects — including projects for which she has earned award recognition. 

Her technical and coordination talents aside, Danielle also has a fantastic personality. Always positive and personable, with a great sense of humor, having Danielle on the team means bringing a smile to the table. I found her warm personality an invaluable balance to the frequent high stress, fast paced environment of projects. 

I would highly recommend Danielle Cheifetz for any institution looking for a hard working, incredibly intelligent producer who has an innate talent for thinking ahead and bringing an absolutely professional attitude to work each and every day.
— Tony Welch, Creative Services Director, Beyond Pix Studios, November 2014