My primary capabilities: I manage logistics and I source crew.

Just happened upon me? Welcome, and glad you discovered the Cove! For the other 99% of you who probably tracked me via word of mouth, thanks for stopping by! Word of mouth recommendations are (always will be?) the best way to find what you are looking for. These recommendations create a culture of reliability and support; the people in my network are there because I have worked with them before, I trust their judgment, skills, and work ethic and they feel the same way about me. I spend the time to get to know the people I work with, learning about their specific talents, so when I’m sourcing crew for a job it is not just about who is available, but who is the right fit.

Not only is a large part of what I do booking the right crew for each job, but it is also navigating the logistics surrounding the project itself. The prepping and planning, the permitting and parking, the scheduling and budgeting. I love what I do, even on one of those there-is-not-enough-caffeine-available-on-earth days I wouldn’t trade my job for anything.

Just ten hours to shoot four locations with twelve talent (including two kids) and a road closure? Don’t worry, I got you.



On the set of Smuggler's Bromance - Lodi, CA - 2015

I am a producer at heart and in trade, and consider myself a formidable logistics expert. I have experience working on a wide range of projects, from sizzle videos to Superbowl commercials, corporate interviews to live events. 

I bring a strong work ethic, relentless drive, and can-do attitude to every set I work on. Undeterred by a challenge, I will work tirelessly to ensure I meet high standards on every project I touch.

When I don't have a clipboard in hand you can always find me on location, documenting the behind-the-scenes action with my trusty Nikon. 


I was nominated for a NorCal Emmy® Award for my 2014 PSA on Bike to Work Day, for the Bay Area Bicycle Coalition.


I have an extensive roster of collaborators in the Bay Area and part of the joy of my job is picking my team and finding the perfect fit based on the needs of each individual client. You are sure to be in the right hands!